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MBTA Q&A - Nothing Is True
Question Yourself

Christopher Parker
Date: 2008-11-17 16:44
Subject: MBTA Q&A
Security: Public
Music:Dream Theater - Take the Time
I just posted the following comment on Boston Metro's Q&A section for the MBTA's general manager Dan Grabauskas:

I live between Wellington and Malden Center stations on the Orange Line. In the morning, I wait for the 97, 99, or 106 buses going to either of these stations. Typically, I end up waiting for a bus going to one, and I see a bus going to the other in the distance. When this happens, I start crossing the street as soon as I see the bus, and more often than not, there's just too much traffic to safely cross the street. I'm lucky if the bus driver stops for me, despite the fact that I'm standing in the middle of the street, waving at them.

This almost happened to me recently, however there was a long line waiting for the bus, which gave me the extra time to find an opening in traffic and cross the street (Main Street). When I got on the bus, the driver was extremely rude to me, telling me that, if I wanted to go to Wellington, I need to wait on the Wellington side. I explained to him that many people are headed to the Orange Line, and could take buses either way and get to the Orange Line. He told me he was aware of this fact. I suggested to him that the drivers should keep an eye out for passengers on the opposite side of the street, trying to cross. He informed me that my safety was my own problem, and that he shouldn't have to worry about other drivers' routes.

I put my life on the line every morning when I catch a bus en route to the Orange Line, as the drivers on the road seldom stop for people trying to get to a bus. The driver's comment to me left me with the impression that it was the MBTA's official position. Can you comment on that, Mr. Grabauskas? What is the T's official position on passenger safety when passengers are trying to fight traffic in order to get to a bus? Or do you not consider us passengers until we've actually boarded?

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